Brian D. Wade

Microbial Evolution and Ecology

Open Access Publication

I have recently become a supporter of open access publishing and, barring objections by co-authors, plan to publish all future papers exclusively in open access journals. I greatly value two particular features of open access journals:

(1) Most open access journals grant authors the copyright of their article through Creative Commons licenses.

(2) Open access journals allow any researcher, regardless of the financial status of their organization, immediate access to the most current knowledge.

Open access publishers that I trust:*


Public Library of Science (PLOS)

BioMed Central

Copernicus Publications

*Authors beware: Unfortunately, the author-pays model of open access publishing lends itself to unscrupulous “publishers” that use it purely for financial gain. Fortunately, Jeffrey Beall at the University of Colorado at Denver keeps track of these questionable publishers here.

Directories and archives:

Directory of Open Access Journals

SHERPA / RoMEO (searchable database for copyright and self-archiving policies of publishers)

PubMed Central

UK PubMed Central